Your reality on movement

Automation: your solution

The creation of customized automation is a mission for Dalso, in which passion, experience, knowledge and the ability to move are combined to transform the idea of ​​movement into a real system that works even without human supervision.

Main fields of application

The types of Dalso automations are now applied in many sectors, from windows to blockboard panels, from parquet to solid wood furniture and more. With the Dalso lines, every type of material becomes easy to handle, adapting it to each process.

Our goal is to give immediate answers to the constant requests for innovation and automation of industrial production. We offer tailor-made solutions that fully satisfy the customer's needs, guaranteeing product quality.

Semi-finished Elements

The production of a wide range of wooden profiles and the sawmill sector require more automatic lines capable of guaranteeing the quality of the product in every production process.


Dalso offers loading and unloading automations for the wood industry, integrating perfectly with the customer's lines, increasing production in a short and minimal time.


Dalso designs automatic lines for parquet, ranging on every type of processing, from layering to painting and packaging.


Dalso specializes in the wood market thanks to over 20 years of experience in the sector.

Other Materials

From a great experience in wood, a variable and ever-changing material, Dalso has over time ranged with other types of material, guaranteeing even higher performance and excellent results with customized automations.

Dalso System

We are passionate about challenges, they push us to do our best every day. In Dalso we take care of dealing with it in the best possible way by designing and customizing the movements of each company.


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