Semi-finished Elements

The production of a wide range of wooden profiles and the sawmill sector requires more automatic lines able to guarantee the quality of the product in every production process.

Press Loading Automation Line

Before the automatic press, the automation positions the semi-finished elements in a precise and orderly manner to facilitate subsequent processing.

Automation of Loading/Unloading

Use of Manipulators or Robots are guided and controlled by a touch monitor placed outside the safety area for the safety of workers.

Finger joint

Finger jointing is a safe and easy way to ensure optimum assembly quality between multiple machined parts.

Gluing System

The cohesion of the glue depends not only on the type of glue but also on the pressure and precision work of an automatic quality line.


Automations with reading of the tables, optimization of the pieces for loading / unloading and the possibility of forming the package.

Wood beats Automation Line

For the wooden matchboard, the unloading system designed allows it to be totally autonomous, guaranteeing the formation of the complete package.