The real innovation is automation

The handling of the pieces through the automation systems allows more and more to reduce the use of manpower, increasing production efficiency. Dalso has always, thanks to its long experience and ability to create customized systems, combines different handling solutions to suit the needs of the individual customer.

Quality solutions

Dalso manipulators guarantee the execution of the work cycles in a continuous and precise manner. The solidity and speed of the picking and subsequent unloading of the pieces is given by a range of different types of heads: Suction Cups, Corner Hooks and Suction Heads.

Dalso's tipology

The manipulators can be perfectly adapted to any type of load, both small and medium / large, exploiting at the same time the management of a large number of axes.

Heavy Serie

Suitable for heavy weights and in large quantities of product. Often used in sawmill companies or in companies with massive product production.

Single Column

It supports smaller weights but they are suitable for their high speed and rapidity of movements.

Double column

Greater rigidity of the shooting unit, constant and linear speed for those who want a regular production cycle.


Especially suitables for companies with small and tight spaces. Dalso identifies with the customer's needs and designs the perfect automation solution in complex spaces.