Dalso designs automatic lines for parquet, ranging on every type of processing, from layering to painting and packaging.

Line for Slats

For each type of slat, the loading and unloading we offer is always in compliance with the careful needs of the customer.

Automation for Multilayer Parquet

The milling of the strips and the iron insertion for the formation of the layers is a fundamental part for the final installation. A continuous cycle guarantees constant productivity of the product under the control of an operator.

Gluing and Assembly System

Each small automation of movement for the parquet is designed to optimize the efficiency of the line without affecting the quality of the final product.

Drying Automatic Line

The automation we provide guarantees precision and a constant and continuous speed, which is important for a homogeneous and high quality drying of the lamellae.

Automation Packaging Line

Dalso accompanies the customer in every production step. Product packaging is the final conclusion of the work cycle and our solutions perfect the packaging in a simple and effective way.