Dalso company celebrates the 1000th  automation lines produced and installed.

Throughout the month of April 2022, Dalso technicians ended the project of an important gluing line for the cement sleepers that planning to renew the structure and thecnology of Paris metro.

This special and particular automation line rapresent for the italian company, that has recently celebrated the 20 years of activity in the automation sector, an iportant goal: the thousandth plant designed and built.

The automation has the function of gluing the rubber components to a concrete beam to create the sleeper for the subway.  The handling of the rubber parts is carried out on a series of belts placed around the main line which prepares the use of multiple horizontal movements and two loading and unloading stations.

In addition, the use of two speciale robots for the gluing system, guarantees through dynamism, precisione and speed, a effective and efficient result.

Regarding the thousandth line to renovate the Paris metro structure, Lucio Dal Soglio, owner and CEO of the company, said: “We design until the forts meeting a precise analysis of the context and the all production needs. The difficults thrills us, not only technician way but also project way and for the internal strucutre: We are ambitious and we ask always ourselves new goals”

In the years of experience and continues growing, Dalso has now optimized a own specific system for satisfaction the needs of every customer.

The Dalso system use, in addition to a long experience in the sector, its own specific methodology to satisfy every production need of the customer.

Another plant recently designed and built, with the Dalso method, is a loading automation line specialized for the Second Nailing of wooden pallets.

The automation includes that the stacks are loaded on catenaries that work in parallel and the different pieces are picked up by a manipulator equipped with head rotation from 0 to 90°.

In the hopper loading there is a brush-strips and a catenary for unloading the empty pallets which are always managed by the same loading manipulator, which then deposits them on a two-level catenary, in which the ties are aligned and translated towards the nailing line.

Once the pieces have been handled by the catenary, with a series of stops, they are arranged to make the desired layout and through a second manipulator they are picked up and deposited on the customer's line.

In our future collaboration, in order to achieve this goal, we also hope to see you soon at the next fair that we will participate in this year, namely that of Nuremberg which will take place from 12 to 15 July.