Other Materials

From a great experience in wood, a variable and ever-changing material, Dalso has over time ranged with other types of material, guaranteeing even higher performance and excellent results with customized automations. The materials on which Dalso designs automatic lines also concern the more special ones such as license plates for vehicles.


A resistant material that aspires to decisive and safe movements. The automation that is going to be designed is an excellent support for increasing productivity.


From the most varied dimensions and variable weight. Dalso is not afraid of difficulties, on the contrary! He is passionate about finding winning solutions.

Iron Profiles

The ability to combine two automatic actions such as unloading and assembling is one of Dalso's qualities. In just a few actions, he can halve the time and speed up the production of packaging.

PPA panels

A fully automatic line capable of loading, unloading and processing the material without ever stopping using small tricks and simple and extremely effective movements.

Number Plates

A special material with adjoining painting and drying oven. Dalso's solution integrates perfectly with the shrewdness and precision of the material.