Dalso offers loading and unloading automations for the wood panel industry, integrating perfectly with the customer's lines, increasing production in a short and minimal time.

Drawers Line

Rapid automatic movements for the drawer line are guaranteed through a loading / unloading system suitable for handling a large number of pieces.

Lamellar profiles for doors and windows

Autonomous and independent systems for the formation of lamellar profiles. Dalso designs to create automations able to fit perfectly into the customer's machines.

Automation for Doors

Loading, Unloading and Packaging is performed by singling each piece. The automation fully manages all the work phases.

Finishing Line

A constant and linear speed ensures that the painting on the individual products is homogeneous and perfect, also managing the post-painting with simple movements and without smudging.

Multi-blade Automatic Line

Automations with reading of the tables, optimization of the pieces for loading / unloading and the possibility of forming the package.