15 Mar 2021

The beggining of this year 2021 represents one of the first most important goals for Dalso.

With its 20 years, Dalso can observe with satisfaction the great evolution that has done. From a small company of few employees, today, it has become an innovative company with a team of thirthy people united by a great experience and passion.

The history of Dalso starts from afar, as  from afar his founder, Lucio Dal Soglio, when still very young he began his own learning path in the automation world, climbing all the steps of the ladder that his company, born in 2001, to be one of the most interesting realities in the automation sector.

A company that was born from the gained experience and from a clear and efficent concept: spirit of sacrifice, the knowledge that each lclimb, even the most ambitious, starts always from the first step.

A business philosophy that grows and expands very quickly, to overcome national boardes and bring Dalso its own products and  its know-how.

Today we have a series of new technologies that allows Dalso to create solutions that would have been unthinkable only a decade ago.

One of the most important moments in Dalso's growth was in 2015, when the company changed headquarters and moved to the current one, a factory of about 4 thousand square meters.     

The 2016, the following year, has equal importance because it is the year in which the initial concept of "artisan" was transformed into "industrial", revolutionizing not only its staff but also the tools used for industrial design.

It’s been 20 years of permanent diligence and many satisfactions.

However, this anniversary can be consider only a phase of Dalso’s path, with confidence that there will be many others to reach, with the same passion and same perseverance since of the beginning of Dalso that has allowed to arrived until today.

The last year, the pandemic has obviously created problems for us, but compared to many other realities, fortunately we have not encountered a drop in turnover or particular difficulties.

We continued to work despite the lockdown regime. We understood the situation and took in consideration every possible development and we moved on, waiting that the emergency went away so we could come back out.

If this 2021 has a positive side is exactly this: we have understood which livel we have reached.

For this reason we can say that the automation is the future, either in human side or in economic side because it reduced the cost and the efficient grows. Having coordinated machines, having a precise system reduces the risks for the worker, makes the working area safer.

Summing up, the company benefits from it, aware that it has optimized costs and benefits the worker, who can work in total safety. In this sense, we can say that the real Industry 4.0 is not just a bureaucratic quibble, but the dream of a fully automatic factory where man can truly make creative and productive work: ideas to men, hard work to automation.